Policy Statement

Astron CollegePolicy Statement
Astron aims at creating institutions committed to academic excellence, producing students with the ability to think critically and creatively, reason logically, make sound judgments, become technologically literate and communicate effectively. These institutions will achieve their aims by promoting and striving for:-
  • Excellence in education and teaching by developing a culture which values and supports diversity, engenders social responsibility, is sensitive to ethical issues and receptive to new ideas and critical enquiries, Observance of non-denominational education and teaching in the environment of equity, tolerance and mutual respect,
  • Motivational education based on conceptual studies, Innovative quality teaching and training in an environment of cooperation, teamwork and collegial relationships through extensive staff development and recognition
  • Student centered education for a rewarding student experience, thereby attracting a talented, diverse and motivated student body within the country.
  • National orientation of the institutions in scholarship, teaching, research and overall intellectual environment,
  • Development and evaluation of quality control processes, for the improvement of management techniques, Lifelong learning & Environment sustainability,
  • Skillful and responsible stewardship of resources, Productive community partnership Social and economic development of the region and the country