Astron College
Student Career Counseling Department

Career Counseling

Students are members of a complex community and as such are required to obey the laws of the country, the province, and the city. Many students find the subject of discipline distasteful since it conjures up a vision of repressive authority. Students seek help which in turns makes them ready to participate practically to face the challenges of the world today and tomorrow; and to conduct themselves within the commonly accepted standards of behavior.In order for a student to become the most marketable candidate for their prospective job path, university career counseling services may be the most valuable resource for college students. At Astron College , students are exposed to a large variety of career options, ranging from entrepreneurship to science, humanities, arts, law, and government. Students interested in exploring these or other career options can request guidance from our on- site Counselor through lectures and one on one sessions. Our trained Counsellors guide and prioritize the need of planning and achieving their academic and career goals to students throughout the session. Our Counsellors have access to a world of information and they are well aware of the dynamics of the contemporary job market.Our students can benefit a lot from their extensive experiences
Character Building

Personality Grooming

We staunchly believe in personality grooming and character building of our students because we know that character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. A College is the second home for students. The way in which their personalities mould depends not only on the parental upbringing but also on the way they are evolved in their college lives. We are well aware of the fact that Imparting just the bookish knowledge makes the student dumb and insecure when it comes to challenging the competitive world. In our College, time to time classes of value education are conducted in which some basic qualities like being humble, polite, non-gullible and generous are taught and inculcated. Students are also told that how they can make themselves unique through their moral values, behavior and attitude in the society.