Astron College

The F.Sc (Pre-Medical) Program servPre-Medical @Astrones as a comprehensive introduction to scientific inquiry within the realm of life sciences. It paves the way for students to explore various interconnected fields, such as Medicine, Physiotherapy, Surgery, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Cloning, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Environmental Biology, DVM, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Bacteriology, Embryology, and Paleontology.

Students enrolled in the F.Sc (Pre-Medical) Program benefit from a supportive learning environment that is conducive to refining their foundational scientific skills. The program boasts a faculty of knowledgeable and dedicated instructors who provide detailed lectures, engaging question-and-answer sessions, and practical laboratory work in well-equipped facilities.

The curriculum of this program places a strong emphasis on fostering a robust comprehension of core life science concepts. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and practical application, students acquire valuable insights into the intricate mechanisms of living organisms.

Elective Subjects
Compulsory Subjects

These programs are of two years duration. The BISE will conduct terminal examinations on  completion of 1st Year and 2nd Year’s sessions.

These programs are accredited by the FBISE Islamabad & BISE Rawalpindi. These programs are fully recognized within Pakistan and internationally for further education and employment in various private and public sectors.

Students awaiting their Matriculation Results can apply each year.

Classes are held from Monday to Saturday (6 days a week) between 07:40 a.m. to 01:30 p.m. to utilize best timings of at-least 6 hours daily.

As per policy of ASTRON College, 85% class attendance is compulsory at any time during the session to remain on the college rolls of bonafide students.

Besides regular class tests, three terminal examinations are conducted to fully prepare students for the final Board’s examinations.