Astron College

Disciplinary Rules

Students are members of a complex community and as such are required to obey the laws of the country, the province, and the city. Many students find the subject of discipline distasteful since it conjures up a vision of repressive authority. Students seek help which in turns makes them ready to participate
practically to face the challenges of the world today and tomorrow; and to conduct
themselves within the commonly accepted standards of behavior.Astron College students are required to comply with the established disciplinary rules for maintaining a conducive and respectful learning environment.

Following disciplinary rules must be abided by the students :

  • The use of mobile phones within the campus is against the norms of an academic institution. Therefore, use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking in the college premises (including corridors, lawns and the front and back of the campus) is strictly forbidden.
  • Students will be allowed to enter college gate on display of their college ID Card. Display of college ID Card within classrooms and college premises is compulsory for the student.
  • No outside campus activity in the premises of college can be arranged without permission of the concerned authority.
  • Drinking and eating is not allowed in the classrooms, labs, corridors and during any formal activity.
  • Students are not allowed to display notices, posters and chalking without the approval of the Principal.
  • Students are strictly prohibited of any kind of physical or verbal dispute. In case of any dispute and violence, the student/s involved will be suspended immediately and action will be taken according to the specified college rules.
  • Students should behave and respect all college staff including office boys and administrative staff as well.
  • It is compulsory for all students to attend curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Students are not allowed to visit cafeteria, parking area, library, labs and staff room during their class hours without permission of their teacher.
  • In case of emergency, only parents will be allowed to meet or convey their messages to their wards.
  • Students are not allowed to keep the following items with them: Musical instruments, radio, Walkman-set, cassette/cd player, video games, iPod and electrical devices. Students are not allowed to keep any unauthorized medicines/drugs. Students are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind, explosive or combustible material.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to participate in any political or immoral activity.
  • Girls lounge is made for female students only to wait for their classes and for use after conclusion of classes. No student is allowed to use girls lounge during class hours.
  • Students are not allowed to contact any higher authority directly. However, intended communication with any higher authority must be submitted through the admin office who will forward it, if he considers it desirable.
  • Students who violate college administration policy or behave in a manner inconsistent with the above Statement on Student’s
  • Conduct will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, commensurate with the seriousness of the infraction.
  • Out going students are required to collect their clearance certificates (accounts, libraries, labs, cafeterias & etc.) before leaving the campus.