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1. Choose a Goal
Begin by choosing just one goal that you want to focus on to develop your self-discipline.Remember, starting small is the best way to start developing your self-discipline.

2. Time flies
Take close look at where you are spending your time and energy. The average adult spends five hours per day looking at their smartphone. With this in mind, NOT constantly scrolling through social media on your phone can make a huge difference in your day.

3. It’s About the Habit, Not the Outcome
Rather than saying “I want to lose weight” say “I want to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.” “Losing weight” is something difficult to pin down. Walking 10,000 steps per day is something concrete that you can track and measure.

4. Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise Are Key
If you are trying to improve your self-discipline and you’re not getting enough sleep, healthy food and exercise, you’re fighting an uphill battle. If you do the above, you’ll have more energy and an overall positive attitude.

5. You Don’t Need Permission from Anyone
Building self-discipline means that you will need to learn how to find that approval within yourself. Once we let go of this need for approval from others, we are free to follow our goals and work on what is important to us.

6. Monitor Your Progress
Think about keeping a journal to write down your self-discipline goals and to track your progress. This reinforces the positive changes that you’re implementing in your life and gives you a record that you can look back on.

7. Don’t Expect Perfection
Don’t expect yourself to perfectly perform every time. If you hold yourself to an unachievable standard, you’ll only succeed in making yourself feel inadequate. When you fail, forgive yourself, get up and move forward.

8. Be Nice to Yourself
Change is hard. New habits are hard. Our minds are wired for familiarity and if you’re doing something new, part of you is going to be fighting against it. Don’t allow obstacles to cause you to give up on your bigger vision or goal.

9. Punch the Clock
You will have good days and bad days, but what matters is that you show up. There will be some mornings where you feel tired, and you won’t have your best workout ever. It’s still incredibly important to follow through and go to the gym anyways.

10. Just one pushup
Do one pushup, once you get started, you’ll end up doing more. It works for self-discipline in any area. Don’t worry if the goal you set for yourself is easy – that’s the point. The key is to choose something that is so easy that you can’t say no.

11. BONUS “Call a Friend”
It’s helpful to have an accountability partner. Why do you think so many people hire coaches to achieve their personal goals? When you are accountable to someone or a group of people for doing what you said you would do, you can easily get stuff done.