Astron College

After Passing the MDCAT:

  1. MBBS: A five-year degree with a one-year house job, leading to a career in medicine.
  2. BDS: A four-year degree in dentistry, allowing graduates to practice as dentists.
  3. Pharm. D: A five-year degree focusing on drug information and medication.
  4. BS Nursing: A four-year program preparing graduates for a career in nursing.
  5. Bachelor in Zoology: A program focused on the study of animals, leading to opportunities in research and animal care.
  6. BS Botany: A four-year program studying plants and their development, with increasing demand in the field.
  7. DPT: A program in physiotherapy, focusing on rehabilitation and treatment of patients.
  8. BS Biotechnology: An interdisciplinary program covering biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, with a focus on laboratory work.
  9. BS Microbiology: The study of microorganisms and their applications in various fields, including healthcare and industry.

After Failing the MDCAT:

  1. BS English: A four-year program in applied linguistics, offering opportunities in content writing, communication, and more.
  2. BS Chemistry: A program with laboratory research experience and career prospects in industries such as pharmaceuticals and forensic science.
  3. BS Physics: A program that equips students with scientific understanding and interdisciplinary skills, opening doors to careers in various fields.
  4. BBA: A degree in business administration, providing a foundation in management and offering career opportunities in diverse sectors.
  5. BS Environmental Sciences: An interdisciplinary program focusing on environmental and sustainability issues, leading to careers in environmental management and analysis.
  6. Bachelor of Science in Architecture: A program that covers design, construction management, and urban planning, offering opportunities in the architecture and construction industry.

These programs offer a wide range of career opportunities and can be pursued based on individual interests and aptitudes. It’s important for students to explore their options and choose a program that aligns with their passions and future goals.